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Se compreender é impossível, conhecer é necessário.
Primo Levi

“Do rio que tudo arrasta se
diz que é violento
Mas ninguém diz violentas as
margens que o comprimem” B.Brecht

"Politicians should read science fiction, not westerns and detective stories." - Arthur C. Clarke

Time is so old and love so brief
Love is pure gold and time a thief (Billie Holiday)

Ai que preguica! (Macunaima)

No creo en la eternidad de las peleas
Y en las recetas de la felicidad (John Drexler, Mercedes Sosa)

Na aula de hoje: Todo vice é um Kinder Ovo; vem com uma surpresa dentro.

quarta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2012


and here (more about wikileaks and others campaigs) :

Wikileaks_Assange candidato eleições USA - VOTE WIKILEAKS

Press Statement: In this election, vote with your wallet, Vote WikiLeaks

Wednesday 3rd October, 08:00 BST

“Help WikiLeaks run the United States over the next four years”
WikiLeaks enters U.S. election campaign.
Last Friday, on 28 September, the Pentagon again threatened WikiLeaks. Pentagon spokesman George Little demanded WikiLeaks destroy its publications, including the Iraq War logs which revealed the killings of more than 100,000 civilians. Little said: “continued possession by WikiLeaks of classified information belonging to the United States government represents a continuing violation of law”. The Pentagon also again “warned Mr Assange and WikiLeaks” against “soliciting” material from U.S. military whistleblowers.
In response, WikiLeaks has decided to intervene in the U.S. election campaign.
The United States government claims Mr Assange and the WikiLeaks organization are within its jurisdiction. In reply, we place the Obama administration within our jurisdiction. All American school children are taught that being subject to laws without representation is an injustice. This is the backbone of the American Revolution. We claim our representation and now initiate a campaign to transform Democratic and Republican votes into economic and political support for WikiLeaks and its First Amendment values. This election day, do not vote for the Republican or Democratic parties. Instead, cast the only vote that matters. Vote with your wallet – vote for WikiLeaks.
The Democratic Party promised to open government. But instead it is building a state within a state, placing nearly five million Americans under the national security clearance system. It has classified more documents than any previous administration, classifying even the process used to decide who will live and who will be killed. The U.S. administration hurtles towards dystopia: secret laws, secret processes, secret budgets, secret bailouts, secret killings, secret mass spying, secret drones and secret detention without charge. The collapse of the Soviet Union could have led to the withdrawal of the U.S. security state, but without moral competition from another system it has grown unchecked to influence almost every American policy. Four more years in the same direction cannot be tolerated.
The Obama administration continues to conduct a “whole of government” investigation of “unprecedented scale and nature” into WikiLeaks and its people. It has fuelled the extrajudicial banking blockade against the organization and has held an alleged WikiLeaks source, Bradley Manning, in conditions that the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, Juan Mendez, found had amounted to torture. Mr Assange has been formally found to be a political refugee, but U.S. ambassadors warned countries such as Switzerland not to offer him asylum. President Obama has called Bradley Manning guilty before trial and Vice-President Biden has labelled Julian Assange a "hi-tech terrorist". The Obama-Biden campaign brags of having prosecuted twice as many national security whistleblowers as “all previous administrations combined”. This is not acceptable.